Company Profile

  • Since opening our doors in 1976, our philosophy has been to provide the highest levels of professionalism and integrity while remaining totally responsive to our clients needs. Our business is one of service, and our staff maintains that high degree of technical competence we feel is necessary to meet this end.
  • Our reason for being is to serve our clients. We must make every reasonable effort to meet the needs and timetables of our clients. If our client succeeds, we succeed. We must meet our client’s objectives in as fair, honorable and moral fashion as possible.
  • In order to administer our client’s needs we will strive to perform the highest quality service in the shortest reasonable time. The quality of our work must always be the highest priority, but we must be realistic in our time investment. Since we are a business, we earn a profit in order to succeed and provide for the welfare of all of our staff. We must work together as a team in order to be effective in a competitive marketplace.
  • We are in the business of advising our business and individual clients with respect to their accounting, tax and needs. The firm specializes in services to small, closely held businesses located primarily in Central Indiana.