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4 great ways taxpayers can connect 24/7 with the IRS via mobile app

Posted on September 20, 2018

Although each of us a Teipen Selanders Poynter & Ayres are here for you by phone or in person, sometimes you just want a quick answer to a question like, “Has my tax refund check been sent yet?”

That’s when the new service the IRS just implemented called IRS2Go can be a great thing to have at your disposal – any time of day or night – in English or Spanish.

Using the new free IRS mobile app IRS2Go on your Android or iOS devices, you can:

  • Check the status of your refund –
 The IRS reports taxpayers can check on their refund status within 24 hours after it receives an e-filed return, or about four weeks after mailing a paper return.
  • Make a secure mobile payment –
Now there is a mobile-friendly option to make last minute online payments such as IRS Direct Pay. You can pay directly from your bank account or make a credit or debit card payment through an approved payment processor.
  • Heighten your security –
 IRS2Go can also be used to create login security codes for certain IRS online services. Because IRS2Go is secure, you don’t have to worry about the security of using text messages.
  • Get helpful information 24/7 – 
Find out when your next quarterly tax payment is due or use the app to link to IRS accounts on social media. You can even watch helpful IRS videos and access IRS tweets or use the app to sign up for IRS Tax Tips via email.

The CPAs at Teipen Selanders Poynter & Ayres are pleased to note that the IRS has come a long way toward being more tech-savvy and responsive to customer needs. Download the app and let your CPA know what you think of it. We’re all ears!